Bowling for Baphomet

by Shea Bilé

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╪ : : Bowling for Baphomet : : ╪

This piece was written in response and in solidarity to the recent events regarding the Satanic Temple and their campaign to build a monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol.

You could find information regarding their campaign and their organization here -

╪ Half of the money donated for the purchase of this track will be donated to The Satanic Temple and their efforts to raise religious/spiritual awareness/tolerance. ╪

I am not directly affiliated with the Satanic Temple - my views and expressions in no way reflect those of the organization. However, I stand by them in their choice to bring this particular battle into national focus.

Ave Satanas.


╪ : : Lyrics : : ╪

Bowling for Baphomet

You see, I’m bowling for Baphomet,
steadily dancing up to the State Capitol.
But the Holy Ghost of Christmas past blocks the way though,
killing me with concrete commandments;
and I’m beaten blue and bloody,
out of breath,
stoned to death by your statues and your statutes;
by your Old Testament legislation, kleptocratic theocracy, bible-belt disciplinary action…
Your... Fox News television…

By the way, Atheists and Satanists are not the same fucking thing, you idiot. Truth is,
you’re a slave through and through –
and no amount of death threats is ever going to change that - simple fact.

I’m climbing up the steps to my Freedom, whether you like it or not,
and I’m going to Ragna-rock the 1st Amendment till the sun’s covered in sackcloth.
And when I finally get to my monument,
It’s going to be momentous,
a Witch’s Sabbath debacle of historic proportions…

But let me rest for a second on my scapegoat friend’s lap
You see, the Adversary and I go way back.
Wherever his horns grow,
I go.
Next stop Heaven –
As above,
So below.

So I’m bowling for Baphomet,
trolling the separation of Church and State proudly.
Till I secularize every school,
every capitol,
and every courthouse in this country.

You might call me evangelical,
maybe even fundamentalist,
But my highest religious conviction,
rests in my belief in the Self, and Humanity;
and I’d do anything I could to protect that.
To you, that’s the worst profanity.

Now I’ve been waiting for you to stop pussyfooting around your stone tablet
and begin owning your argument.
Please translate your ‘faith-based’ euphemisms.
What you really want to say is
that we live in a God-fearing nation,
that every natural catastrophe is God’s way of punishing us for marriage equality,
that God hates us because we’ve use the Free Will he generously provided
to disbelieve and challenge his existence.

Your beliefs alone may not necessarily harm others;
however, some of you are in positions of power,
some of you control legislation,
have influence over the education of our children,
and even decide who we go to war with…
This is a problem –
You are an obstacle and the enemy of our evolution as a species.

So I’ll take the initiative and skip right through the ambiguities.
To you, I say this –

I’m a non-believer. I’m an anti-theist.
I’m a wicked witch, and I’m a Satanist.
I am a heretic, I’m a heathen.
I’m a [please insert here everything you hate].

I bowl for Baphomet.
Ave Satanas. Hail Satan.

Copyright 2014 by Shea Bilé.

All Rights Reserved.


released February 12, 2014
╪ : : Track | Credits : : ╪

Written and performed by Shea Bilé
: ~
Music by Shea Bilé, Nathan Gordon, and Ian Flux; and is an excerpt from "Ashes of Balance" form the soon-to-be-released album "Tzimtzum".

Track Cover Design and Logo by J Decker -



all rights reserved


Shea Bilé Los Angeles, California

Shea Bilé is often heard somewhere on the Moon speaking in tongues with fallen angelic-eccentric flair. Within these songs resonate a sonic ceremonial fusion of not-so-subtle tragic instrumentation and lyricism born of aggro-elegant punk-poetic and unrepentant occulture.

Socal-based poet, Shea Bilé, is a relentless storyteller of the 5th dimension, and the Never-afters that follow
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